Welcome to BOGI Bank

Experience banking like never before with our state-of-the-art digital and crypto bank. Seamlessly access your accounts, enjoy enhanced security, and receive personalized financial services—all through our intuitive mobile app. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting digital banking journey. Your financial future starts here.


Starting in 2024

What You Will Get

Internet banking

Deposit accounts for individuals or businesses, with or without linked card, IBAN, or internal payments. Special tariffs, statuses, and an account provider automatically or manually depending on a configuration.

Multi-currency accounts

Our accounts will be single or multi-currency. Unless with a single provider currency, this account type allows maintaining multi-currency accounts provided by a BaaS partner or bank.

Crypto Accounts

Our customers can create crypto accounts with a crypto address linked to them. We use enterprise-grade custody and liquidity providers to store cryptocurrencies and buy or sell operations made by you.

Business Accounts

Our clients can create accounts for legal entities with linked business card, IBAN, or used for internal payments. They can set an account priority status.

Omnibus Accounts

3rd party Business customers can generate unlimited amount of our virtual IBANs using our offered API. Use one of two generation algorithms: random account number, based on sequence generated from pre-defined rule.

Virtual IBANs

Our clients can use virtual IBANs for top-up or withdrawal funds. BOGI Bank will enable it easily by request.

and more ...



Crypto accounts for our clients with unique crypto addresses, allow them to exchange fiat to crypto, make crypto transfers, invest in crypto, and issue cards for private and business clients.

BOGI Bank offers its customers to store digital assets only at Enterprise-grade Multi-layer Security Companies. In addition to the next-generation means of protection, they are certified by the International Organization for Standards and recognized by AAA+ world-class investors.

BOGI Bank offers customers only licensed crypto liquidity providers. We are choosing carefully the companies that maintain their risk policies well, are properly audited, and provide real-time proof of reserves to their customers.

We can enable slippage protection for crypto exchange orders to protect our clients from unexpected losses during periods of higher volatility. The functionality allows securing the source currency volume while the target volume is adjusted in case of a leap in pricing.

From the start our customers can use BOY and GIRL Coin plus BTC, ETH, BNB and USDT.

Web Interface

Our clients can manage their money in a convenient web environment. With multiple accounts opening, statements, multi-access settings and much more. Our clients will be happy every time.

Mobile Apps

Our clients will have convenient and beautiful customizable iOS and Android apps. With ready-to-market products launching our mobile banking has never been easier.

Alternative Payments

From cash-in terminals to international money transfers, from wallet payments to PayPal. BOGI Bank will get you convenient tools for accepting payments the way you want.